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IT Support Services

Most of our clients have come to us because IT problems are causing productivity issues in their business, they were concerned about whether their systems are secure or because a lack of IT support was impacting their ability to get work done.

Our businessCARE™ Managed IT Services is designed to address those IT problems and much more. After design, implementation and training, we will monitor your systems 24/7, often spotting and fixing problems before they become a bigger problem. Our niche is finding IT solutions that work for your people and business systems, meet your business needs, and provide you with a trusted IT support department so you can focus on running your business.

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Cloud Services

Using “Cloud Services” for some, or all, of your computing needs can put critical software applications at your employee’s fingertips from a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Besides increasing mobility and productivity, using cloud computing can shift computing costs from a capital expenditure to an operating expense, making very sophisticated technology affordable for many businesses. But it’s equally as important to recognize that in some cases the cloud works — in others it doesn’t. There are many subtleties employing cloud services and often the details will determine the value. arielMIS can figure out those details with you to engineer the best plan to meet your business needs.

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Voice Over IP (VoIP)

VoIP has exploded. Offering inexpensive, reliable, and flexible telephone systems that can replace your current system and add new capabilities, it’s no wonder so many businesses are switching to VoIP from PSTN (traditional) phone systems. Many business installations require no hardware purchases besides the phones, are relatively low-cost, and more complex systems usually require a smaller investment than comparable PSTN systems. The advantages of VoIP aren’t the same for every enterprise, and the options available to a decision maker are many and growing.

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The mobile devices flooding the workplace promise increased productivity and a sweep of new business solutions, but to realize that promise office mobility devices — iPads®, iPhones®, and the like — have to be made secure and integrated into your business systems. As a member of the Apple® Consultants Network and a Microsoft® Partner (yes, we support Macs in Windows® networks!), as well as an Office 365 and Google Apps partner, arielMIS is trained and certified to help you explore enterprise mobility and incorporate mobile solutions into your business.

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Application Services, Custom Software & Mobile and Web Development

When productivity is down because packaged software lacks essential features, when your spreadsheets have become unmanageable and you’re spending hours making updates, or no one can access your data to get the information you need when you need it, arielMIS Application Services — mobile, desktop or web-based — is the best investment you can make. Our clients came to us and stick with us because are able to understand their business processes and implement solutions that work year after year. Our years of experience creating .NET, PHP and Microsoft Access® applications with Microsoft SQL Server® and MySQL™ databases, accessing and manipulating data with Microsoft Excel® or merging data with Microsoft Word have proven invaluable to our customers.

Web-based solutions have become common place for many businesses. Almost every customer we have is utilizing a web based application to solve a business problem they were having. Many of our customers came to us because they didn’t know how to begin thinking about the multitude of web-based software solutions available to them. Our experience creating, modifying and maintaining websites and web based software solutions using WordPress and Joomla, setting-up and configuring Microsoft SharePoint® on premise or on Microsoft Office 365 and supporting (or creating) a variety of other web-based solutions allows us to work with our customers to improve productivity.

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