Establish a Cost-Effective VoIP Telephone System

Star2Star Authorized Reseller


Even with today’s growing reliance on personal cell phones, most organizations need a cost-effective office phone system to manage business communications. VoIP installations usually don’t require any major hardware investment other than the phones and the on-premise Starbox for voice optimization and management. And, if you’re implementing a relatively complex system, VoIP entails a smaller investment than traditional telephone systems. 

arielMIS partners with Star2Star to deliver the most reliable solution in the industry with options ranging from Cloud to Hybrid. The system features unparalleled value, quality, and scalability as it unifies your voice, video, fax, mobile, chat, and presence management into one platform. Click here to learn more

As part of our businessCARE™ service model for VoIP solutions, arielMIS will:

  • Add/remove/change users.
  • Configure features like voice mail to email, extension groups and call queues.
  • Provide basic support for phone issues
  • Manage escalated calls to Star2Star Engineers

arielMIS will also manage your hosted telephone communication systems from any of the major vendors if that’s the solution you prefer.