With VoIP systems businesses can improve customer service, availability and how their employees work together.

What is VoIP?

The technology that allows individuals and businesses to make telephone calls over the internet is VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”). You can use VoIP from your computer or from VoIP handsets to call any other telephone number. VoIP converts your voice (analog) to digital packets that can be forwarded along the internet. For businesses, we partner with Star2Star Communications to offer a business-grade solution.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Traditional business phone services such as multiple lines, conferencing, long distance calls, and voicemail can be expensive and inflexible. On the other hand, trying to manage individual cell phones for employees can be unreliable, expensive, and more difficult to track, with no unified number for your customers to call.  

VoIP packages offer unlimited calling, voicemail, and the ability to answer your calls on other devices such as your cell phone or computer. Individuals can easily configure their extensions to find them wherever they may be such as a home office or mobile phone, allowing your customers to reach your employees, even if they work remotely. VoIP has lower upfront and setup costs because it is a hosted service, and that also provides your business flexibility when you need to add additional lines or services.

Here are some of the top voice features of the Star2Star VoIP solution

  • Phones and Service included
  • Domestic and International calling
  • Follow Me Call Forwarding – forward to home, cell, office phone. Users can easily set up their call forwarding preferences
  • Unlimited conference calling
  • Voicemail to Email – get a transcription of your voicemail that you can check from your inbox
  • Automated Attendant phone menus
  • Automatic Line Bursting – if all your lines are busy and you get another call, a temporary “on-the-fly” line is added, so you only subscribe to the number of lines you need for normal business operations


arielMIS partners with Star2Star Communications to offer cost-effective VoIP solutions to small businesses. 70% of customers using Star2Star solutions save 10% or more on their monthly communications bill, which can be spent on more strategic business initiatives for you.

Contact us to learn more about VoIP solutions and how our solutions can provide improved telephone capabilities and service flexibility to grow with your business.


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